At Integrity Limousine Service, we offer a variety of transportation services to meet your needs.  With all our services, you will receive the most friendly and hospitable service, as well as complimentary refreshments from our professionals.


VEHICLE TYPE: (passengers)     RATE: $            ONEWAY

Sedan (3-4)                                 $65/hour             $130

Luxury SUV (4-6)                        $75/hour             $150   

Stretch Limousine (8)                  $85/hour             $180

Executive Limousine Bus (16)    $135/hour            

Executive Limousine Bus (24)    $190/hour

Shuttle Bus (14)                          $95/hour              $190

Shuttle Bus (44)                          $135/hour

Transport Bus (48)                      $110/hour

3 hour minimum on hourly reservations.  5 hours time allowance for separate reservations.  All non-discarding personal items must be removed at the end of each rental reservation.  ONEWAY reservations are subject to hourly minimum charges after 15 minutes of pick up wait time.  Special event dates subject to increased minimum hour requirements.

Miscellaneous Charges and Information:
Excessive cleaning = $50 ($100 for Bus rentals)
Sickness fee = $300
Broken/lost glasses = $8/each
All vehicles are NON-SMOKING Smoking fee = $300
Non-refundable deposit for reservations = $100 ($200 for Bus)

All remaining balances are due no less than 7 days prior to the start of the reservation.

Reservations requesting travel outside of the Metropolitan Indianapolis area are subject to a fuel surcharge and vehicle drive time. 

A $10/hour premium charge may be added for each of the following reservations:
-No passenger direct cell phone contact provided
-Scheduled less than 24 hours in advance 
-Scheduled for pick up after midnight and/or before 6 am.

* A standard 20% service fee will be added to all reservations.  Gratuities are not required.  


RATES:  (passenger)

Sedan (2-3)
$65 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area 
$75 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Luxury SUV (3-4)
$75 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Stretch Limousine (6)
$95 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended
(7-8) passengers are subject to adding an SUV/Sedan for luggage

Shuttle Bus (14)
$115 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Shuttle Bus (44)
$210 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Executive Limousine Bus (14)
$175 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Executive Limousine Bus (24)
$270 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended
Includes separate luggage vehicle

Premium surcharges:
    Short notice request
        Less than 48 hours = $10
        Less than 24 hours = $15
        Less than 12 hours = $20
    Early/Late request   
        11:00pm - 7:00am = $10
        1:00am - 5:00am   = $15
        2:00am - 4:00am   = $20

All other miscellaneous charges and information stated above apply. Airport reservations are subject to a standard airport fee. Airport service outside of the Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended are billed as hourly service and are subject to a fuel surcharge. Flight delays longer than 45 min are subject to hourly charges.  
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