At Integrity Limousine Service, we offer a variety of transportation services to meet your needs.  


VEHICLE TYPE: (passengers)     RATE: $            ONEWAY

Sedan (3-4)                                $95/hour              N/A

Luxury SUV (4-6)                       $125/hour             N/A   

Shuttle bus (14)                          $135/hour             N/A

Executive Limousine Bus (14)    $165/hour            N/A      

Executive Limousine Bus (24)    $225/hour            N/A
* A standard 25% service fee will be added to all reservations. 
3 hour minimum on all hourly reservations (4 hours on buses). 6 hour time allowance for separate reservations.  
All non-discarding personal items must be removed at the end of each rental reservation. Special event dates subject to increased minimum hour requirements.

Miscellaneous Charges and Information:
Excessive cleaning = $50 ($100 for Bus rentals)
Sickness fee = $300

All vehicles are NON-SMOKING. Smoking fee = $300 minimum charge
Non-refundable deposit for reservations = 50%

All remaining balances are due no less than 10 days prior to the start of the reservation.

Reservations are subject to a fuel surcharge and vehicle travel time. 

An hourly premium charge may be added for each of the following reservations:
-No passenger direct cell phone contact provided
-Scheduled less than 48 hours in advance (must have an account) 
-Scheduled for pick up after 10pm and/or before 8am.
-Airport meet and greet
-Admin / Reservation fee
-Stop fees
-Standard trip fees


RATES:  (passengers)

Sedan (2-3)
$100 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area 

$115 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Luxury SUV (3-4)
$130 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area & extended

Shuttle Bus (14)
​$175 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area & extended

Executive Limousine Bus (14)
$200 = Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended

Executive Limousine Bus (24)
N/A = Indianapolis Metropolitan area 

Premium surcharges:
    Short notice request (with an account only)
        Less than 48 hours = $15
        Less than 24 hours = $25
        Less than 12 hours = $50
        Less than  6 hours = $75
     Late night / Early bird request   
        10:00pm / 7:00 -7:59am = $20
        12:00am / 6:00 -6:59am = $30
        1:00am  / 5:00 - 5:59am = $40
        2:00am  / 4:00 - 4:59am = $50
​        3:00am /  3:00 - 3:59am = $60
    Additional Stops = $30
    Wait time / Delays = $25 per 15min

All other miscellaneous charges and information stated above apply. Airport reservations are subject to a standard airport and greeter fee. Airport service outside of the Indianapolis Metropolitan area extended are billed as hourly service and are subject to a fuel surcharge. Flight delays longer than 30 min are subject to wait time fees and/or hourly charge
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